Trixie Woodheart is outgoing, daring, and sarcastic. Trixie will go out her way to get what she wants. She is greedy, selfish and at most times she is unkind. Trixie isn't serious about school and just treats it as a place to do anything. Trixie doesn't care about anyway except herself. Trixie can be seen begging her mother and father for gifts.


Beatrix Woodheart, was born to Melissa and William Woodheart on the 2nd of April. He was raised at his family home, which is hidden in a small town called Ivybridge. The Woodheart family was a big rich family and all members were pure-blooded.

Trixie enjoyed making mischief from a young age. She caused lots of mischief such as transformed her sister's flute into a spider. Another time she somehow made her sister eat a Puking Pastille. Her mother and father were always angry at her but Trixie always had a way of getting round it.