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Name: Cassandra Olano
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Godly Parent Choice 1: Trivia
Godly Parent Choice 2: Somnus
Godly Parent Choice 3: Fortuna
Cohort Choice 1: Fourth
Cohort Choice 2: Fifth

Appearance: Cass has long dark black hair with streaks of red. She has green eyes. Cass usually dresses in hoods, mostly red hoods. Her appearance has given her the nickname: Little Red Riding Hood. Cass is one to change her appearance regularly, sometimes changing her appearance to a blonde color or a brown color. Her appearance is very scruffy. She also has a number of tattoos dotted over her body. One of the tattoo is of a lamp another is a small skull.
Personality: Cassandra isn't afraid to show who she is. She was completely unflappable and rarely seemed anxious or under stress

Weapons: Cassandra has a magical sword. The handle is carved in wood and has a red gem placed in the middle. Etched into the sword is the words 'Magica

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