Emily appears sweet on the outside and when you first meet her but behind that sweetness is a cruel personality. She is tough and strong. Emily was a spoiled kid. Sometimes she is referred to as a spoiled brat. As a kid, her parents gave her everything and anything she wanted. If she asked for a pony, she would get one. Her life is still like that, even after she graduated from Hogwarts, she still asks her parents for things. Emily would often say what's on her mind, even if it hurt those around her. As she doesn't hesitant to say insults to people, she is often feared. In school, she was the bully.


Emily grew up Windsor, a wealthy town. Her parents were millionaires. They were always enjoying there riches. Going on holidays and getting luxury items were just a few of the very things that they would get up to. Her childhood was one of those, spoiled ones. Always enjoying themselves, not giving a care in the world for those around her. At the age of 11, she received her Hogwarts Letter. She was sorted into Slytherin. She was very popular in her years at Hogwarts, but most were her friends out of fear of her bullying them. Emily was one to do anything that was on her mind. After her graduation, she applied for a position at the Ministry of Magic.